Noah's Ark Lab, Hong Kong and Shenzhen

Job Description: The Noah’s Ark Lab is a research lab of Huawei Technologies, located in Hong Kong, Shenzhen, and Paris. The mission of the lab is to conduct cutting-edge research by exploring theories and building systems. Our lab is specialized in research on the following areas:
Job Summary: We are hiring researchers in the related areas at all levels, including junior and senior positions. The researchers in the lab will conduct academic and applied research, advance state-of-the-art in related fields, collaboratively develop advanced products and services with other groups in the company, as well as build the lab into a world’s top research center.
Qualification: For junior researcher positions, we are looking for candidates who
  • possess a PhD degree in machine learning, computer science, or statistics, or have equivalent research experiences
  • demonstrate the ability to generate new ideas and innovate
  • have strong research track record
  • have good programming skills
For senior researcher positions, in addition to meeting the qualifications above, we are looking for candidates who also
  • have rich experiences in project management
  • have established themselves in the research communities and/or in the industry
Location: Positions available at the offices in both Hong Kong and Shenzhen.
Application: Interested candidates should send application materials including resume to More information about the lab is available at

Noah's Ark Lab, Paris

Job Description: The Machine Learning group in Paris is part of Noah’s Ark Lab. We undertake four primary domains: Natural Language, Search & Recommendation, Intelligent Management and Intelligent Network, to drive fundamental R&D in Artificial Intelligence. Our mission is to build AI technology that is practical to solve real world problems. We entail the state of art AI technologies, including deep learning, reinforcement learning and unsupervised learning, in multiple areas including natural language dialogue, translation, personalized recommendation, automated network management, and robotics.

Noah's Ark Lab, Paris offers a number of research scientists and data scientists positions in our growing Machine Learning group to develop disruptive technologies in telecommunication infrastructure and devices.

Qualification: We are seeking qualified candidates as follow:
  • Candidates must hold a PhD degree in Applied Mathematics, Statistics, Electrical Engineering or Computer Science from a top university

  • The Research Scientist will have a genuine interest in applying their expertise in Machine Learning and Computational Statistics to devise disruptive technologies in telecommunication infrastructure and devices through top-tier research publications and providing an edge for Huawei’s products. They must possess a track record of publications in reputable venues such as NIPS, ICML, COLT, AAAI, Sigmetrics, SODA, UAI, SIGCOMM, KDD etc

  • The Data Scientist will be working on Applied Machine Learning, Data Mining and Big Data Technologies. This needs to be evidenced by an extensive experience of working throughout the data science and data engineering pipeline with tools such as Python, R, big data platforms (e.g. Hadoop, NoSQL, SPARK, SCALA, TensorFlow) as well as Java and C++
Location: Positions available at the offices in Paris.
Application: To apply for these positions please send a complete CV in English together with a cover letter briefly explaining your expertise and research interests as well as the position that you are applying for. You will also need to provide the names of two persons who will be later contacted to provide reference letters. Applications should be submitted by email to If you are not contacted within 3 weeks after applying, please consider that your application did not match our current needs.