Data Mining

Today, everything in the physical world, including people, things, and their relations, have records created and stored in the form of data in the digital world. This trend will continue and the extraction of value from the data to significantly enrich people’s lives and companies’ business poses a grand challenge. This is also true for the telecommunication, enterprise, and consumer sectors, in which Huawei has its main business. We aim to automatically mine valuable knowledge from various vast amounts of data in those sectors to accomplish intelligentization of all user and business processes, which is the motivation behind our data mining research.

We are developing advanced technologies for data mining at Noah’s Ark Lab. Research topics in this area include:

  • tabular data mining
  • text data mining
  • stream data mining
  • graph data mining
  • spatial temporal data mining
  • multimedia data mining
  • heterogeneous data mining
  • large scale data mining
  • data mining platforms
  • privacy preserving data mining
  • recommender systems
  • search systems