App Recommendation & Search Engines

- The App Recommendation and Search Engines Excelling in the Huawei Appstore

Noah’s Ark Lab has developed a recommendation engine and a search engine with the most advanced technologies in the industry. The recommendation engine, equipped with large scale machine learning technologies, can provide very high recommendation accuracy in any given environment. The search engine, powered by learning to rank and semantic matching technologies, can achieve a high accuracy in relevance ranking in any given setting.

The engines are used at Huawei AppStore for app recommendation and search, which is an important part of Huawei smartphone business. The system for app recommendation, trained with tens of millions of features and billions of instances, has increased the rate of app downloads to about 70% in 2014. The system for app search has improved the rate of app downloads (after search) to about 70% as well, and has become one of the top performers in the field.

Noah’s Ark Lab will continue to work with the Consumer Business Group of Huawei to provide the best services possible to over one hundred million smartphone users in the Huawei AppStore.