Intelligent Help on Huawei Smartphones

- Enhancement of the Usability of Huawei Smartphones

Smartphones are still not smart enough, but are surely getting smarter. Traditionally, when a smartphone user has any question with regard to the usage of the phone, he has to browse manuals, search the web, or ask friends. This is not the case any more for Huawei smartphone users. All Huawei phones released since September 2014 (there are over 100 types of such phones), offer the 'intelligent help' feature. With this feature, users can ask any questions in natural language with regard to how to use Huawei smartphones, either through voice or keyword input.

The system in the cloud, developed by researchers in the lab, can recognize more than 90% of the questions sent from users’ phones, and the accuracy of the answers provided is over 92%, which is much higher than the existing systems on the web. One of the biggest challenges for developing this help functionality is to fill the semantic gap between a question and the corresponding answer, e.g., the user’s question is “How can I access the internet?”, while the answer in the system is under the title “Ways of connecting to the web”. Advanced technologies in information retrieval such as learning to rank and semantic matching are being used in the intelligent help system to address the mismatch challenge. They have been found to be very effective.

There is also a platform in the Huawei cloud that supports collecting, crawling, processing, and indexing documents with regard to how to use Huawei phones, from several different sources including technical manuals, FAQs on the web, and discussions in forums. We hope that more and more users will feel that Huawei smartphones are easier to use and more friendly to interact with.