Telco Big Data

- Spatio-temporal Mining Technologies Posing A New Horizon for Telecommunication

Big data is indeed changing the landscape of all industries, including telecommunication. Researchers at Noah’s Ark lab, together with engineers at Huawei, are working with a carrier company in China to address various problems in telecommunication, ranging from customer relation management to optimization & planning of telecommunication networks. The goal is to greatly enhance user experience, significantly improve productivity, as well as create new and profitable business opportunities for the company.

An extremely large amount of data is being collected at the telco, from both business support systems (BSS) and operation support systems (OSS), while the former systems manage users and the latter systems manage equipments in the telecommunication business. How to effectively and efficiently process the data and mine useful information and knowledge from the data poses a significant challenge. This is particularly true for OSS data, which consists of 95% of the telco’s big data. Researchers in the lab took upon the challenge and developed powerful tools to solve problems in several business scenarios. For example, a churn prediction tool was developed to forecast how likely a user will terminate its contract of service and to help the company retain users. The accuracy of the system is as high as 95% for the top 50 thousand users that are most likely to churn. The high accuracy is in part due to an effective use of OSS data, which gives strong signals about the quality of users’ telecommunication experiences. The results indicate how important it is for the telecommunication industry to enhance user experiences based on big data, which was not feasible before.

Currently the telco company has adopted the tools as well as the solutions provided by Huawei to boost their business.